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Oil level sensor
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Oil level sensor
Product parameters:
- the main body uses stainless steel SUS316 or SUS304
- length range: 100 ~ 2000mm, can also be customized according to customers fuel tank
- assembly: SAE standard 5 hole
- this product is equipped with 5 M5 threads and 2mm thick NBR gaskets, if used on the gasoline tank, the proposed matching 2mm thick FPM gasket
- protection level: IP67
This product adopts magnetic field control reed contact on-off principle, has long service life and seismic characteristics
- rated power: 125mW
- alarm switch rated current: 500mA
- Wire: PVC material (optional PA bellows sheath)
Connector: can be selected according to the requirements of Delphi, Tyco etc.
- output signal: 0 ~ 190 (standard), 33 ~ 240, or customized according to customer requirements, but also provide output of 0 ~ 20mA, 4 ~ 20mA, current signal or 0.5 ~ 4.5VDC, 0 ~ 5VDC voltage output signal
- accuracy range: 10 ~ 40mm
- working temperature: -40, +85
- use range:
A variety of vehicle oil level detection
- industrial use of liquid detection
Note: the default output signal for the standard section of the option is: 190 ~ 0, and the precision is 21mm
Working principle:
Magnetic field generated by the magnet, ferrite magnet control reed contact on-off principle, be measured the change of liquid level is converted into electrical signal output is connected with the secondary instrument, so as to detect the liquid level height
- product features:
- easy installation
- corrosion resistance, wear resistance
- non-contact measurement, safe and reliable
- seismic performance, impact resistance
- long service life

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