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Depth requirements for electric boiler performance and thermocouple


Power in our lives have become indispensable thing . For all types of electrical equipment , the thermocouple is not very likely that we can understand . Here, we give emphasis to explain what the term meant. Thermocouples , temperature measuring instruments which are more commonly used in a temperature measurement devices . Now it can be said that the production is still relatively high technical requirements , and the temperature measurement, the main function of the thermocouple element. So there is a strong temperature difference between its testing capabilities .

It can directly measure the temperature of the thermocouple and converts the signal into a temperature thermal EMF signal through the electrical instrument ( secondary instrument ) into the temperature of the measured medium . Now many various types of temperature measuring instruments on the market . In all kinds of instruments sheathed thermocouple thermocouple models is a more prominent , compared with other products even more durable. Sheathed thermocouple meter thermocouple wire is actually compressed and tightening the protection tube made of an insulating material , together with the new thermocouple . For this reason the new thermocouple , which all have their own special installation process. The first is our most common stand straight installation, it is parallel to dress and boiler , installed in the bottom . To install on this , it will need in the bottom weld the tube, thermocouple mounted inside the casing .

Many of temperature measuring instruments , for some very sad thermometer is concerned, the use of a thermocouple temperature measurement is more kind. Now , the market is a lot to sell thermocouple , which is technically still there are a lot of technical differences . Which brand of thermoelectric even the best security , has become the focus of a lot of customer concern. So everyone in the purchase of the thermocouple , be sure to understand these types of thermocouples some specific parameters.

Using a thermocouple , a lot of places we have to pay special attention . For example, the thermocouple must be inserted in place stopper screws in place. Mainly because the thermocouple temperature measurement range and tolerance , so the thermocouple to measure temperature ranges and tolerance with thermocouple indexing number is closely related to several commonly used thermocouples for temperature measurement range and tolerance , we can look at the instructions . For thermocouple , which is also required in the depth of placement . The minimum depth should be placed not less than 8 to 10 times its protective tube diameter ( special product exceptions ) . Generally refers to the temperature of the protective tube can withstand without breaking the static external pressure . In fact , not only with the protection of allowable working pressure tube material , diameter, wall thickness , but also on its structure, installation method , and the measured medium into the depth and variety of flow rates and so on. Bed temperature measurement is too much trouble , there are two conditions of high temperature and wear , I suggest you choose resistant alloy protection tube ( alloy tube length 100-150mm, the other with a stainless steel on it ) , if the furnace can be welded to guard the better prevents wear in the furnace steel welded pipe or thermocouple must check before installation ; thermocouple installation 1 , the compact installation height must be the same , usually at least at the level of 150 ~ 200mm ; 2 , with compact welding requirements three face welding , thermocouple plug the breach not welding, spot welding to be careful not to side stopper screw to weld dead ; 3, the pipe wall temperature should say down symmetrically ;

In thermocouple use, we need a lot of attention to the problem . For longer want to buy their own products can be used in thermocouples , first do is to choose a regular qualified thermocouple manufacturer. Because the regular manufacturers , technically user can give us a strong technical support.

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